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Heel Pain

Understanding Heel Pain: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments at Happy Feet Podiatry

Heel pain is a common foot complaint, often causing discomfort and restricting daily activities. It can be a result of various underlying conditions, but with the right diagnosis and treatment, relief is achievable.

What is Heel Pain?

Heel pain refers to discomfort felt either under the heel (plantar side) or just behind it (where the Achilles tendon connects to the heel bone). This pain can be sharp and piercing or dull and chronic, varying from person to person.

Possible Causes of Heel Pain:

*Plantar Fasciitis

*Achilles Tendinitis

*Heel Spurs


*Stress Fractures

*Other Causes: Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome, chronic inflammation, or certain diseases like arthritis can also lead to heel pain.

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Each of these conditions requires a personalized approach to treatment. At Happy Feet Podiatry, we prioritize understanding each patient’s unique situation and providing evidence-based, compassionate care. If you experience any heel pain symptoms, our team is here to guide you towards a pain-free journey.

Treatments Available at Happy Feet Podiatry:

Shockwave Therapy: An innovative treatment for conditions like plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendinitis. It uses acoustic waves to promote faster healing, increase cellular repair, and reduce pain.

Custom Orthotics: Precisely 3D scanned to fit your foot shape, these devices redistribute pressure, support the arch, and correct any misalignment, offering relief from various causes of heel pain.

Lifestyle and Footwear Recommendations: Proper footwear can make a significant difference. We offer expert advice on the best shoe types and brands to support and protect your feet.

Routine Check-ups: Regular monitoring and follow-ups ensure that your heel pain is managed effectively and that treatments are adapted based on your progress.

If heel pain is affecting your daily life, let our team at Happy Feet Podiatry guide you towards a pain-free future. With a blend of modern technology and compassionate care, your path to recovery starts here.

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