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Children’s assessments

Our qualified Podiatrists perform Children’s Foot Health checks to assess that developmental milestones are being met, and assess your child’s footwear.

We strongly recommend a footwear check and assessment prior to starting school. Some conditions are even evident prior to your child walking. Early detection of certain conditions are imperative for a good outcome.

Throughout growth and development many children will have issues arising from the lower limb. Conditions commonly seen throughout childhood include

• in-toeing
• out-toeing
• bow-legs
• difficulty with coordination
• balance and tripping
• heel pain
• shin pain
• knee pain
• curly toes
• ingrown nails

If you’re concerned your child may be suffering from any of these we can help.

The sooner childhood complaints or developmental problems are diagnosed the more successful the outcome usually is.

We can also check school shoes and joggers to ensure your child is in the right shoe for their feet.

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