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Callous / Cracking

If you have thickened, cracking or fissuring skin on the heels and feet, we can help have them soft and smooth again. We can reduce extra callous and cracking, and develop a treatment plan to keep your feet soft and smooth all year round.

If your work requires you to stand all day such as Hairdressing or you are a Store personnel standing for long periods on hard surfaces chances are you have developed callus on your heels. We see many patients for this very problem and can usually control and hard skin with 2-3 maintenance treatments a year.

We see lots of Brides before their big day for this very treatment!

We will leave you with baby smooth feet for your special day!

Happy Feet Podiatry use Sterilisation procedures in line with Standards Australia. We use a TGA approved bench-top steriliser with drying cycle and print out facility. Our procedures and protocols follow Standards Australia and Sterilisation complies in accordance with AS/NZS 4815:2006

Our steriliser is maintained in accordance with AS 2182-1998 Sterilisers -Steam –Benchtop Standards.

We also adhere to the National Health and Medical Research Council Australian guidelines for the prevention and control of infection in healthcare.

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