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Laser therapy for fungal nails

We are excited to offer the people of Newcastle and the Hunter the latest treatment technology in the fight against fungal nail infections. Ugly and unsightly toenails need not be a cause of embarrassment or shame. Our laser nail treatment offers safe, effective and proven therapy to treat Onychomycosis, the common condition caused by a fungal infection of the nails.

There are many causes for thick, unsightly or discoloured nails. The most  common cause being Onychomycosis, a fungal infection similar to Tinea that lives on and under the nail bed and nail and affects between 7-10% of the population. This commonly presents as a thickened brittle nail that may be difficult to trim. The nail may turn yellow, brown or white depending on the colony of fungus affecting the nail. As the condition progresses untreated, the nail may become thickened or deformed and the infection may spread to other nails or the skin.

LASER therapy is currently the most effective available treatment for fungal nails. The treatment is fast, safe, effective, and best of all, easy. With no additional treatment needing to be completed at home, you can now be rid of time consuming daily filing and application of topical treatments. It is a quick and easy treatment usually taking about 4 minutes for a large toe nail and 2 minutes for smaller nails to be treated.

• Quick
• Clinically proven
• Effective
• No side effects
• Safe

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